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"Hear me now."

–Grace Tame

About Us

Statement of Purpose

Penrith Women’s Health Centre Inc provides a feminist health service run by Women for Women, ensuring accessibility without financial and cultural barriers, for Women in the Penrith region.

Objects of the Association

• To identify the health needs of Women who live in the Penrith Region
• To provide a broad range of services, strategies and workplace environment within a feminist, social 
   framework that addresses identified need.
• To provide services that focus on prevention and holistic care - provided by Women for Women.
• To ensure Women’s self-determination regarding their health care.

• To provide medical and complimentary health treatments for Women which alleviate sickness and emotional
   distress caused by illness, injury, domestic and other forms of violence, social isolation, relationship problems
   and financial hardship.

• To provide counselling services for Women to alleviate the suffering and distress caused by domestic and other forms of violence, illness and injury, social isolation, relationship problems and financial hardship.

• To provide assistance to Women attending court for matters relating to domestic violence and sexual assault.

• To provide services to Women regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, sexuality, physical ability or age with priority     
   focus on the needs of the more disadvantaged and marginalised Women/groups in the community.

• To work towards an integrated, coordinated approach with other non government / government organisations in
   the provision of appropriate strategies and services for Women’s well being.

• To be a key contributor to the social dialogue on the status of Women’s health and wellbeing.
• To be an advocate for Women:
• To advocate on behalf of Women in the relevant systems in which they participate;
• To empower and support Women to advocate for themselves in these systems.

• To ensure effective community based governance and operational management of the association.

• To uphold a healthy work environment to ensure the wellbeing of workers to offer an effective delivery of service.

Principles of the Association

• Respects dignity, rights and potential of all women.

• Holds that every woman has a right to experience optimum wellbeing and to control her own life and healthcare

• Service delivery is based on the understanding that health is determined within a broad social context:
   environmental, economic and biological factors – that women’s health needs can not me isolated from life c

• Holds that social inequality and discrimination have adverse affects on the wellbeing of women in our society and it
   is therefore committed to working towards the elimination of all forms of social disadvantage.

• Is committed to a preventative, holistic approach to the health needs of women which encompasses the whole of
   women’s life span and reflects women’s various roles in Australian society, not just their reproductive role.

• Promotes the participation of all women in debate and decision making about health issues, their own health care
   and health service delivery.

• Holds that health promotion, disease prevention, equity of access to appropriate and affordable services and
   strengthening the primary health care system are necessary, along with high quality illness treatment services.

Our Management Committee

Annual Reports

FY 2020-2021

"It is humbling to present this annual report to the members of PWHC, our many partners and the public. The report demonstrates the breadth of services that PWHC provides and demonstrates how fortunate the organisation is to have such a wonderful team of capable, qualified, professional, empathetic and committed employees and volunteers. This report is a tribute to their work."

- Chief Executive Officer, Kath Skinner

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