Well Women's Clinic

Our "Well Women's Clinic" provides women of the Penrith area with the comfort of knowing they can visit a female doctor and nurse for a range of specific women's health issues including:

  • Contraception

    • the pill

    • diaphragms

    • Implanon

    • Depo Provera

    • the Morning After Pill

    • nuva ring

    • IUD options

  • Sexually transmitted infections

  • Pap smears

  • Breast checks

  • Pregnancy

  • Fertility

  • Menopause

  • Eating disorders

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Weight issues and nutrition

  • Heart health and diabetes prevention


Our doctor and nurse will work with you on specific women's health matters. Women wanting to see our practitioners still need their own local GP for urgent health issues and problems like coughs and colds. 

Service costs for our doctor and nursing services are bulk billed to Medicare. Bring your Medicare card with you. Please contact us by phone or email to book an appointment!