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Work Development Orders

Penrith Women’s Health Centre supports women wishing to access the Work and Development Orders, having been approved by the Department of Justice to be a WDO sponsor.

The WDO scheme is jointly delivered by the Department of Justice, Office of State Revenue (OSR), Legal Aid
NSW and the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT. The scheme enables eligible people who are experiencing significant hardship to reduce their fine debt through voluntary participation in unpaid work, courses, treatment, programs and other activities.


A WDO is an order made by Office of State Revenue (OSR) that requires a person to do any one or more of the following in order to satisfy all or part of their fine debt:


Do unpaid work for, or on behalf of, an

approved sponsor.



Undergo financial or other counselling.

Undergo medical or mental health treatment in

accordance with a health practitioner’s treatment plan.



Undergo drug or alcohol treatment.

Do an educational, vocational or life skills course.

Undertake a mentoring program

(this option is only available if the person is under 25 years of age)

Activities undertaken for a WDO are agreed between PWHC (sponsor) and the individual client.


A person is eligible for WDO support from Penrith Women's Health Centre if they a woman or non male identifying person who:

has a mental illness

has an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment

is experiencing homelessness

are experiencing acute economic hardship

has a series addiction to drugs, alcohol or volatile substances

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