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Community donations are a vital part of what makes Penrith Women's Health Centre possible. Your donations directly impact and improve the lives of women who use our services, and their children and families. 


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Penrith Women's Health Centre  is a not-for-profit, and predominantly NSW Health funded organisation that aims to provide health services that address all aspects of women's lives and enhance one's existing strengths and skills.

Our focus is to foster good health and wellbeing in a safe environment that is open to all women in our community, and we actively address social injustice and support the rights and choices of all women and AFAB people in our community.

Donations $2 and above are tax deductible.


Enough is enough.

Every woman in Australia deserves access to a safe place to work, a safe place to live, fair and equal pay, quality free early learning & care, and a justice system that works for survivors. 

We invite you to join us in demanding a future in which all women enjoy safety, respect and equity. It is within reach and it starts here.